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The Urban Transport Solution that doesn't cost the earth!

Powabyke leads the way in electric bicycle performance. More than 25,000 Powabykes have been bought by commuters, shoppers and fleets eager to 'go green'. The brand is represented across Europe, in the United States and Australia.

Independent research by Leeds University revealed that the typical Powabyke owner rides 1,200 miles a year and uses their Powabyke instead of the car for three journeys a week, saving money and carbon emissions.

Eight out of 10 owners use their Powabyke every day, and such is our quality and reputation that a remarkable 97% of owners would recommend a Powabyke to a friend.

Powabykes are cheap to run, costing only about 1.5p per mile, and they are fun to ride. With a range of around 20 miles per charge and a maximum speed of 15mph, you won't even need a licence to ride it. What's more, parking is free!

Powabyke is truly the low-cost, practical and environmentally-friendly way to travel in the modern world.

Lithium Batteries and Alloy Frames

Lithium batteries, with the promise of extended range, extended life and easier portability, are NOW AVAILABLE . Tests at the University of Bath indicate that the lithium batteries will totally transform the performance of Powabyke machines. Weighing in at just4kg – less than half the weight of the current lead-acid battery - order yours now.

No modifications are needed to existing bikes for upgrading to lithium. The only thing that you will need is a new charger as the old ones are not compatible.

Combined with new lightweight alloy frames, the total weight of a Powabyke with a lithium battery will fall to around 28kg. All of our Euro models now come with alloy frames. This means that they weigh 4kg less than the old steel frames.

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